Morgan Ingram, SDR Extraordinaire

Guys, I want you to meet Morgan Ingram.

Morgan is a stud.

Morgan started a YouTube Channel for SDR’s called the SDR Chronicles, and it’s fantastic.

Morgan got on my radar because he reached out to me via LinkedIn and because someone tweeted his YouTube channel at me. Ya, gotta love social.

Morgan is killing it. He’s doing everything right to be a winner in today’s world. He’s executing the rules of Not Taught to a tee.

In today’s world, resumes and LinkedIn profiles aren’t enough. You need to create content; you must create a personal brand and become an influencer in your space and Morgans doing just that.

I love what Morgan’s doing. He’s providing value to other SDR’s and doing in a fun and engaging way. He’s positioning himself as a go-to guy in the SDR space.

Do you think Morgan is going to have any trouble getting a new gig if he ever wants one?

Do you think Terminus (the company he works for) isn’t noticing? You bet they are.

If you’re an SDR start following Morgan, you can connect with him on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

This is what 21st-Century winners do. Take notes, and then ask yourself how can you do what Morgan’s doing for your space.

There’s room; you just have to figure it out.