Gap Selling

Getting the Customer to Yes: How Problem-Centric Selling Increases Sales by Changing Everything You Know about Relationships, Overcoming Objections, Closing and Price.

Gap Selling

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Oh Boy! Keenan’s Done It Again


“From relationships, to closing, from over-coming objections to negotiating price, he’s busted all the sales myths that actually create the very problems that salespeople so desperately want to avoid. In his typical in-your-face style, Keenan has nailed the buying process – and how selling is something for you to do with buyers, not to them.”

– Jill Konrath, Author of More Sales Less Time & Snap Selling

There’s a hole in your sales education, a set of important concepts you’ve never been taught. Stop the old school sales tactics and enter the new sales profession.

No salesperson should remain stuck in a current state of useless pitches and boring meetings or watch hard-earned opportunities disappear overnight, never to resurface again. No sales leader should watch their team scramble frantically to close deals by the end of the quarter. That kind of selling and sales life just sucks. Gap selling makes things better. Imagine a future state where you’re an influencer, not a clown, where the pipeline is full and predictable, and where you feel confident and in control of every sale. That future state is all yours when you learn to gap sell. This methodology gives you access to everything you need to know to play the game of sales well and to win at every level.

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By the time you’re done, you’ll understand:

  • how properly assessing the gap drives the entire sales process,
  • from negotiating price to overcoming objections,
  • to addressing blockers,
  • to handling the competition,
  • to preventing leads from going dark,
  • to the close.


Have you seen the emails, voice messages, and LinkedIn messages salespeople are leaving these days? Seriously, ask any buyer what he or she thinks about the messages coming out of sales and marketing and they’ll tell you…It’s crap!


Because sales and marketing teams are unknowingly obsessed with selling from their perspective. Creating messages filled with we, our, us, and I. They are overly product and company-centric. Buyers don’t care! Buyers are selfishly motivated and understanding how to capitalize on that motivation is how you capture the attention of today’s buyer inundated with constant sales pitches from all angles.

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Fix the hole in your sales education and win the game of sales.

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