LinkedIn Video: A Huge Opportunity or a Waste?

I’ve started using linked in video lately, and if you’re not doing it too, you’re missing out on a GREAT opportunity.

I’m all over social, most of you know that. I used Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, this blog, and LinkedIn as my primary social channels. I use each differently for different reasons, but when it comes to business, I mean straight business, nothing is performing like LinkedIn.

Insta and Facebook have been great from a brand development perspective. Youtube has been great for brand reinforcement, in other words, people who already know me, go to YouTube to get to know me better. This blog has been great for building credibility as someone who knows what they are talking about. The blog has been instrumental in the expansion and growth of my social presence and that of A Sales Guy. But LinkedIn video is taking it all to a new level.

Here are the numbers;

  • Videos posted in the last month: -15
  • 178,000 total views
  • 3,859 total likes


That comes out to: 

  • 11,333 views per video
  • 256 likes per video
  • 84 comments video


That’s some pretty good engagement in my opinion. The stats don’t include the 100’s if not thousands of LinkedIn connect requests I’ve received as a result of the videos or the Inmails I’ve received. 

To my knowledge, we haven’t gotten any business from these videos yet, but my reach certainly has expanded and I anticipate we will.

I talk about reach a lot in Not Taught. It’s a critical asset in the new economy of the 21st-century, and right now, for me, LinkedIn is delivering the goods.  It is definitely NOT a waste of time.

If you are looking to build your brand and extend your reach, LinkedIn video is a must. Start now.

With that said, a few things I’ve learned.

  1. You have to offer value, videos that teach, educate or provide information that helps people, does well.  Don’t just say anything, consider what your target audience could be struggling with.
  2. Be provocative, videos that challenge conventional thinking or entrenched ideas do very well. They create fantastic discussion and debate. However, they will bring out the trolls.
  3. Have thick skin, Some people are just angry, and they are looking to disagree, attack and belittle those with the strength to put themselves out there. Be prepared to be attacked, just let it roll off your back.
  4. Two and three min, Consider keeping your videos between two and three minutes. I haven’t experienced too much with this, but I’ve found that to be a reasonable time frame for substance, but not too long.
  5. Have some energy, I know this may be hard for some folks. But if you can’t bring energy to the video, then video might not be for you. You need to connect with people on the other side of the camera.
  6. Have fun, In the end, have fun doing it. Be passionate about the topic. Be genuine and authentic about the message and be you and just enjoy yourself. Viewers pick up on that.


If you are in sales, if you’re in Real Estate, if you have a small business, if you’re in Marketing, what every your profession, LinkedIn video is a killer opportunity to increase your brand awareness and reach.  Like most things, I suspect LI video will get saturated, and the few early adopters will reap the benefits, but until then, don’t wait. It’s a great opportunity.

If you start, let me know how it goes.

If you’re currently using LinkedIn video, I’d love to hear how it’s working for you.