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The world of sales is rapidly changing. From Inside Sales to Account Based Selling, from Social Selling to predictable data, the sales landscape is quickly shifting. A Sales Guy Consulting is the progressive management consulting firm that can help you make your number in today’s selling environment.

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Anyone can find people; A Sales Guy Recruiting identifies talent. ASG Recruiting is obsessed with finding the best talent that can get the job done, not just what looks good on paper.

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Energetic, forceful, inspiring, engaging, entertaining, and insightful, Keenan is one of the most dynamic sales speakers on the circuit. There is no comparison.

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Gap Selling Delivers BIG Results

I love the success stories I get from people who’ve read Gap Selling. They are a blast to read, as people share their own personal success stories about how Gap Selling has changed their career, how it’s earned them the top spot in the company or how it’s helped the reach Presidents Club or how it’s helped them make more money. I never expected the level of success Gap Selling would have or the impact

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Lucidchart and Gap Selling – Boom!

Lucidchart and A Sales Guy teamed up to help layout the Gap Selling process and make it easier to leverage with your sales team. Using their amazing tool, it’ even easier to understand and align your sales process to a gap selling, problem-centric sales process. We used the process of buying a car as an example because it’s something everyone can relate to. I recommend you customize it with information specific to your buyers and

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KEENAN LIVE Today: Bitcoin Billionaires Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss

  KEENAN LIVE kicks off today.  I’m pretty excited, it’s going to be dope. KEENAN LIVE is going to be a live series dedicated to the interesting, the rebellious and the successful. I will be having conversations with some of the most unique, interesting and successful people, some you may know, others you may not, but they all have in common is a kick-ass story. It will be broadcast live simultaneously on LinkedIn Live, Facebook

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A Sales Guy is the leading 21st Century Sales Management Consulting Company. The world of sales has changed drastically and it’s not slowing down. A Sales Guy understands these changes and is leading the way in helping companies leverage 21st-Century methodologies, tools and approaches to accelerate revenue and reach revenue goals. A Sales Guy is an energetic, driven, innovative, intelligent management consulting firm. A Sales Guy isn’t your Grandfathers Sales organization.

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