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The world of sales is rapidly changing. From Inside Sales to Account Based Selling, from Social Selling to predictable data, the sales landscape is quickly shifting. A Sales Guy Consulting is the progressive management consulting firm that can help you make your number in today’s selling environment.

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Anyone can find people; A Sales Guy Recruiting identifies talent. ASG Recruiting is obsessed with finding the best talent that can get the job done, not just what looks good on paper.

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Energetic, forceful, inspiring, engaging, entertaining, and insightful, Keenan is one of the most dynamic sales speakers on the circuit. There is no comparison.

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A Lesson In Commitment

How often do you commit to something and then not follow through?  I get it, it happens a lot. We aren’t perfect. But not meeting a commitment scratches the surface of lying. No! You didn’t lie, but it has a similar effect. When we commit to someone, and then break that commitment, it undermines trust. In this video, I talk about a way to improve your ability to keep your commitments.   Making commitments, keeping commitments

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Salespeople, Why is Everyone Playing from the Same Playbook?

  I think too many sales organizations, their salespeople AND their sales leaders are playing from the same playbook. Why? I don’t see enough innovation. I spend an incredible amount of time with salespeople and sales leaders, and the most common thing I see is how similar they all are. Most everyone hires based on the same hiring principles. Most everyone prospects using the same prospecting principles. Account planning, contests, cold calling, performance reviews, product

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Your Outbound Emails Suck – Stop Being A Digital Beggar!

    I’m so tired of the stupid and annoying emails salespeople send to buyers and prospects and so are they.  It’s time to stop. You’re emails and your cold outreach suck. They don’t offer value, they just beg your prospects and buyers for their time. It’s pathetic.   I did this video to help you understand how to create emails and cold call messages that don’t make you a digital beggar and improve response

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A Sales Guy is the leading 21st Century Sales Management Consulting Company. The world of sales has changed drastically and it’s not slowing down. A Sales Guy understands these changes and is leading the way in helping companies leverage 21st-Century methodologies, tools and approaches to accelerate revenue and reach revenue goals. A Sales Guy is an energetic, driven, innovative, intelligent management consulting firm. A Sales Guy isn’t your Grandfathers Sales organization.

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