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Gap Selling is all about showing salespeople and sales organizations how to sell more by teaching them how to help their customers more. See, at the heart of every sale there’s a gap. It’s a gap between what buyers have now and what they believe they want in the future. Between who they are now and who they want to be tomorrow. Or even, where they are and where they want to go. This gap represents the value of the sale to the buyer AND the salesperson. Without it, there is no sale.

“Gap Selling Works! Our team used Gap Selling and it completely transformed the way we went about selling – as well as our results! It increased sales, shortened sales cycles, and gave us as way to address those frustrating feature price questions. Gap selling offers a deceptively powerful way of thinking about how to approach the sale. With Gap Selling, your sales will be faster, more predictable, and more profitable.”

-Eugene Carr, Founder of Patron Technology


Have you seen the emails, voice messages, and LinkedIn messages salespeople are leaving these days? Seriously, ask any buyer what he or she thinks about the messages coming out of sales and marketing and they’ll tell you…It’s crap!


Because sales and marketing teams are unknowingly obsessed with selling from their perspective. Creating messages filled with we, our, us, and I. They are overly product and company-centric. Buyers don’t care! Buyers are selfishly motivated and understanding how to capitalize on that motivation is how you capture the attention of today’s buyer inundated with constant sales pitches from all angles.

What Is The Gap In Gap Selling?

Every customer faces unique challenges. They will have different processes, different measurements, different structures, different people, different pain points, different outcomes, and more. By understanding the UNIQUE conditions of each of your prospects’ current environment and future goals, you will be able to develop specific, customized selling strategies for each of the prospects in your pipeline. No two prospects will ever look the same again, and never sold to the same again. And that matters.

Closing Happens At The Beginning

The number of questions you ask early in the sale cycle increases your chance of making the deal. The close happens at the beginning, NOT at the end. Understanding your prospects’ business backwards and forwards is what’s going to eventually allow you to show how your expertise in their field, differentiating you from any other salesperson they could turn to for help.

Kickass Demos Are Game Changers

For many sales people today, a product demo is the lifeblood of the sale. If the demo goes bad, it’s almost impossible to recover. Yet far too often I cringe as I watch salespeople butcher the demo. Inevitably, the buyer fades away, never to return. It doesn’t have to be this way. The demo can be salespeople’s opportunity to shine and increase their ability to win the sale. But to do this, you have to crush the demo. Gap selling will make sure you do.

Stop Losing Deals That Should Close

If you’ve ever struggled to close deals, or had a customer go dark, or thought you had the deal closed and all of sudden lost it to someone else, it’s almost guaranteed that it’s
because you started a third of the way into the sales process instead of at the
beginning. You tried to launch a plane from the middle of the runway, which didn’t
leave you enough room to gather the speed you needed to fly. Don’t take shortcuts;
they only lead to nosedives.

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Hear from Global Sales Director, Simon Boyce, how Gap Selling Training helped their sales team flourish and close larger deals.

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