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The 21st Century has ushered in the information age, and with it, a new set of rules for success.

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Not Taught shares how the rules of the 20th century and the industrial age no longer work,

and that if you want to be successful you must learn the new rules of success. Not Taught punches you in the face with the realities of work today and offers clear strategies on how to be successful in this crazy information-driven world. Not Taught is your personal guide to the changing success landscape created by the information age, social media, access to information, the high cost of college, the internet and more. This book breaks down how the rules of the past no longer suffice and what it takes for you to win in the 21st century.

The information age has turned the success game upside down. Unlimited access to information at our fingertips has fundamentally changed the world and what it takes for YOU to win. Learn how these changes are creating opportunity, not limiting it.

The tools and skills to success have changed. The old tools: resumes, experience, and degrees are giving way to results, expertise, and reach. Learn what tools today’s new breed of power players are using to drive their success.

What you’ve done in the past is no longer good enough. The information age is changing how we find, evaluate, engage, and hire people. Discover unique and powerful ways to connect with larger audiences, wield greater influence, and win in the 21st century.

The Big 21st Century Disruptions:

  • Your resume no longer matters, it’s all about LinkedIn
  • Your degree doesn’t deliver what it once did
  • Your experience is irrelevant
  • What Google says about you matters
  • If you can’t be found online, you don’t exist
  • You have to know how to sell
  • Being a publisher matters

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To be successful in the information age requires mastering these new skills.

The Taught Leaders Series introduces you to the best and most successful practitioners of the winning 21st Century skills.

Learn how to crush it from the world’s most practiced and celebrated executioners of Not Taught’s success skills.


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