My Interview on Personal Brand, With IBM Digital Sellers

I recently recorded an interview with Ben Martin (Program Manager IBM Digital Mastery) and Erik Taylor (Team Lead, IBM DST Sales Enablement),  for IBM’s Digital Sellers Guidebook.

We actually recorded the interview a little over a month ago, but it was released just last week, so I got to listen to it again.

It’s fricken good. I enjoyed this interview.

Quick clip:

Listen to the full episode here interview here: IBM Digital Seller Guidebook w/Keenan

In the interview, we talk about the importance of reach and how it will determine your income, and your success in the coming years.

We talk about “digital obscurity” and the impact it will have on your career opportunities and overall success.

We cover a lot of ground in just 30 min.

Many of you know, I’m a passionate guy, and it comes through here. The world is changing, and the rules to success are changing with it, yet too few people understand or care to know how this is and will affect them. The tell me economy is dead. We’re in the show me economy and what worked in the past isn’t going to work in the future.

The idea that millions of people are or could be missing out drives me crazy. Don’t be one of those people.