Problem-Centric Selling vs Product-Centric Selling: It’s Time We Change the Way We Sell

For years, I mean for most of modern day sales, we have been taught how to sell and pitch our products. The product has been at the center of all that is sales, and unfortunately, it’s a problem, and we need to stop.  It’s not that we haven’t attempted to move away from product-centric selling, leveraging terms like; Trusted Advisor, or Consultative Sales, or Solutions Selling, but the reality has been these approaches have been

It’s Time We Change the Way We Sell

It’s time we change the way we sell.  The old, tired, product-centric, sales techniques and methods have had their time. Ask any buyer. They are fed up with the countless, lame, intrusive, valueless emails, cold calls and LinkedIn requests for 15-minutes of their time. They are tired of salespeople not understanding their business and pitching irrelevant solutions. They are tired of long, cookie cutter demos that don’t address their needs as a company. They are

Gap Selling – Available for Preorder

Well, it’s finally arrived. Gap Selling is available for pre-order on Amazon. The most relevant, impactful and insightful sales book since The Challenger Sale: No blue suits, blue shirts, blue ties or blue sheets. No gimmicks or tricks No 90’s selling tactics. No, not your dad’s sales book   Gap Selling is selling for the 21st century. Matt Dixon co-author of the Challenger Sale called it: “Fresh and Provocative”  Gap Selling is about turning salespeople

There are ONLY 4 Levers Sales Can Pull to Grow Revenue

It’s not uncommon for revenue to slide. It happens to all sales organizations at one time or another. Revenue being down isn’t the most difficult problem. Knowing why revenue is down and where to look is the biggest challenge. This post is gonna lay the four areas CSO’s/Heads of Sales should be looking if their revenue is on the slide. When sales are down there are only 4 levers leadership can pull to improve sales.

A Lesson In Commitment

How often do you commit to something and then not follow through?  I get it, it happens a lot. We aren’t perfect. But not meeting a commitment scratches the surface of lying. No! You didn’t lie, but it has a similar effect. When we commit to someone, and then break that commitment, it undermines trust. In this video, I talk about a way to improve your ability to keep your commitments.   Making commitments, keeping commitments

Salespeople, Why is Everyone Playing from the Same Playbook?

  I think too many sales organizations, their salespeople AND their sales leaders are playing from the same playbook. Why? I don’t see enough innovation. I spend an incredible amount of time with salespeople and sales leaders, and the most common thing I see is how similar they all are. Most everyone hires based on the same hiring principles. Most everyone prospects using the same prospecting principles. Account planning, contests, cold calling, performance reviews, product

Your Outbound Emails Suck – Stop Being A Digital Beggar!

    I’m so tired of the stupid and annoying emails salespeople send to buyers and prospects and so are they.  It’s time to stop. You’re emails and your cold outreach suck. They don’t offer value, they just beg your prospects and buyers for their time. It’s pathetic.   I did this video to help you understand how to create emails and cold call messages that don’t make you a digital beggar and improve response

Problem Centric Selling – Why No One Gives a Shit About You Or Your Company

I spoke at Inbound 18 last week and had a blast. I talked to a packed house about problem-centric selling and how it changes the game of sales. Here’s my full presentation.   Watch it!  It’s a good one. If you’re not problem-centric selling, you’re leaving money on the table.      

Listening IS NOT The Most Important Sales Skill

I often hear people say; God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. This fun little phrase is used to argue the point that salespeople need to listen more and talk less. I get the point, but it’s not accurate from my perspective. What it really should suggest is that people should tell less, not talk less.  Telling is very different than talking. Talking is the act of saying words, communicating via one’s

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