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Pt II: Chamber Media Wasted 50k Dollars of Our Money and Wanted More

Part II of our experience with Chamber Media. ———————– The Pitch: So, we signed the contract paid the 20k dollars upfront fee, and met with the creative team. If you’re not up to speed on what’s going on, see Part I of this calamity here. In spite of the terrible sales experience, we were optimistic that things were going to improve. We, no I, was smitten with the previous videos they had made for others

Chamber Media Wasted 50k Dollars of Our Money and Wanted More

This is not a pleasant post, so I’m just gonna get right to it. I believe in risk.  I’m a fan of swinging for the fences and going big. It’s for this reason I contracted Chamber Media to do a “viral ad” for A Sales Guy. I was impressed with a few of their ads I had seen on Facebook.  They were funny, engaging, and memorable. I thought by creating a similar ad we could

Gap Selling Training Certification is Here!

It’s here!! We’ve just launched the Gap Selling Certification program and I couldn’t be any more excited. Now anyone with the Gap Selling acumen and charisma can build their own Gap Selling Training Business. As readers of this blog and of Gap Selling, you know how powerful the Gap Selling methodology is. The industry has been ripe for a progressive, forward-thinking selling methodology for years. Most sales methods and trainings are 30-40- and 50 years

Don’t Be A Smelly Sales Person

We just launched a new ad campaign. What do you think? Do you think it paints many of today’s sales people accurately? We had fun putting this together.  

The Best Online Sales Training Ever

It’s here, We just dropped Gap Selling Online Sales Training and it’s going to blow your mind.  It’s 5 – 8 hours of engaging, customized, choose your own journey experience. We are extremely excited about this training. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Each participants journey is there own as the training adjusts and offers different experiences based on each salespersons own experiences and engagement. Our goal was to make Gap Selling Online Training fun,

The Art of Good Sales Questions

Can you see the difference between the two questions in this video? Can you see how they will elicit entirely different responses from the buyer? Can you see how based on the questions, and the answers, how one question sets the salesperson up for success and the other keeps them in the same place? Most of you know how important I believe the discovery process is.  However, it’s not enough to ask questions, you have

The Only Thing That Matters When Cold Calling

Too many salespeople miss amazing opportunities to improve their cold calling success and conversions. They waste time trying to build engagement or be liked.  The key is to establish credibility as someone who can help them as quickly as possible.     Cold calling is about establishing credibility as quickly as possible.

Society is Playing Cat and Mouse with Blacks and The American Dream

  For those of you who follow this blog, you know that every once in awhile I take a break to take on race in this country. There is no better time than now, to do this again. I wrote this during the Furgeson riots and it’s clear nothing has changed. So, I thought I would share it again with a few changes. Considering what’s happening in this country, I wanted to break down for


A sales discovery meeting is by far the most important part of a sales process.  There is no more important element to selling than the discovery process. Yet, too many salespeople fail at it. They get lost in the questions. They meander from topic to topic, desperately searching for some simple problem or issue they can attach their product to, in order to quickly get to the demonstration or presentation part of the sale. You

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