Lesson 10: How To Brand YOU w/ Shama Hyder

On this lesson of #TaughtLeaders we will get schooled by Shama Hyder, a web and TV personality, a bestselling author, and the award-winning CEO of The Marketing Zen Group—a global online marketing and digital PR company. Shama graduated in one of the worst recessions we’ve seen since The Great Depression. Rather than signing on with anyone who would take her, she started her own social media company because she could see something that the rest

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The 21st Century has changed the rules to success. We’ve entered the information age, leaving the industrial age behind us and with it, the old rules to success.

What it once took to be successful no longer works. The old tried and true approaches to success are giving way to personal branding, social media, independent thinking, results orientation, change mastery and more.

To be successful in the information age requires mastering these new skills. The Taught Leaders Series introduces you to the best and most successful practitioners of the winning 21st Century skills.

Learn how to crush it from the world’s most practiced and celebrated executioners of Not Taught’s success skills.

No one has been teaching you what it takes to be successful… until now.