How EGO Kills Your Sales Efforts

Ego is a silent killer of sales and marketing teams. Our incessant compunction to talk about ourselves, our products and our accolades is crushing our ability to connect with our prospects and deliver valuable customer-centric information.

No one gives a shit about you or your company. Prospects and customers only care about their business and what you can do for them.

I talked about this at the Flip My Funnel conference in Austin. I just listened to it again, and besides the fact that I go crazy on stage, it’s one of my favorite presentations. We need to stop thinking about ourselves and our needs when selling.  It’s pissing off our customers and hurting our sales efforts.

Take a listen and enjoy.  You’re gonna like this one.

How Your Ego Is Killing Your Sales

When we start checking our ego at the door, prospects and customers will lean in. They will feel valued and believe we have their best interest at heart. When we check our ego at the door, the customer is now the center of attention. When check our ego at the door, we put more focus on the customer’s issues and problems and therefore are better positioned to solve them.

We need to get the customer to let us help them, and dropping our ego is how you do that.

Let me know what you guys think about this podcast and how you put the customer first.