You Are Who You Hire

Do you wanna get a good feeling of the type of sales leader you are? Look at your direct reports. We are we who we hire. It’s really that simple.

Hiring is an extension of our knowledge, our belief systems, our biases, our likes and dislikes. The people we hire are also a reflection of our confidence and self-esteem. The people we hire reflect those things about us we feel good about and those things we don’t.

Is your team more talented than you? Is your team less talented? Does you’re team play to your strengths or offset your weaknesses? ¬†Is your team aggressive or passive. Does your team ask for permission before they make a big move or do they ask for forgiveness if they make a mistake? Is your team risk takers or conservative. Is your team innovative and creative or do they leverage the status quo? Is the team political and¬†bureaucratic?

What does your team say about you?

Do you like what it says?

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