Why Should I Work for You?

Why should I be excited to work for you?  No, really.  Why?  Why work for you as opposed to any other sales leader out there?  Please- whatever you do, don’t tell me it’s because you’re a good guy or girl, fun to work with and because you support your team.  It will make me throw up in my mouth.

I need more than that.  And frankly; so do you.

That’s not enough.  I want a vision.  I want to be inspired.  I want to know we’re on a mission.  I want to know we’re part of something bigger than just slinging widgets.

And I want to know YOU can lead us there.

I want to know you can get more out of me than I can get out of myself.  I’ll work for you if you create a culture that gets me excited to come to work.  I’ll work for you if you have the vision that can make us the best sales organization in the world.  I’ll work for you if you set us on a mission that matters.

I’ll work for you if you’ll LEAD.

If all you’re going to do is support me, keep it.  You won’t know why you’re supporting me so it’s a waste of time.  If you’re a good guy or girl who’s fun to work with- Great! Let’s have a beer. But I’m not going to work for you.  I have enough friends.

You see, none of this matters to me if you don’t know where we are going.  If you have no vision, if we have no mission, if you can’t build a culture worth a hill of beans— I’m not interested.

I’ll work for you if you can inspire me to bigger and better, if you can lead us to accomplish great things, if you can create a culture of greatness, if you can help me grow into a person who can be a critical part of that vision then YES! You’ve got me!

So— is that you?