Why Inspiration Doesn’t Exist

I often get emails or see in my Facebook and Twitter streams video’s and stories from folks calling them inspirational. They almost all follow a familiar pattern. The sender sends a link to the video or story with the caption, must see, AMAZING, so inspirational!

What the caption always lacks is what it inspired in them and what action it inspired them to take. The sender almost never took any action. Without action, inspiration can’t exit.

Inspiration requires action. There is no inspiration without action. Inspiration is the act of motivating us to do something. If we call something inspirational and don’t act, it’s not inspirational. It could be heart warming. It could be emotional. It could be uplifting. But it’s not inspirational.

When we are inspired, we act.

If we don’t act, we we’re not inspired.

The next time you see a video or read a story that is emotional, uplifting, or heart warming, rather than posting it to Facebook or emailing it to friends saying it’s inspirational, make it inspirational and take action. Then email it, put it on Facebook or Twitter  and tell everyone what action you took. It’s much more powerful that way!

Inspiration is action, not talk!



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