When Your Good, Is Usually When Your Bad.

I watched Trumps Celebrity Apprentice the other night. The challenge was to write a jingle and a 30 second radio spot. Clint Black and his Kotu team lost the challenge to poker player (Annie Duke) and playboy playmate (Brande Roderick). Clint Black is a Grammy winning musician. Creating a winning jingle should have been a no brainer. How does a Grammy winning musician lose a jingle writing contest to a poker player and a playboy playmate? By being too good.

When we’re good at something, really good that’s the time we slip. When we’re good and know it, we bring confidence. Confidence is a survival tool. It minimizes fear and allows us to get over hurdles and take on challenges. However, confidence can play nasty tricks. Confidence is good at sneaking up on us and taking over. The right amount of confidence and your golden. Too much confidence and your doomed.

When we are too confident we get lazy. We relax. We become complacent. Our confidence lulls us into a false sense of reality. It dulls our awareness of our susceptibility. We lose site of our vulnerabilities and don’t realize it’s too late until we have lost. Clint Black lost to Annie Duke and Brande Roderick because he is too good. Clint missed the little things. He lost site of the goal. His mind closed. His awareness shrunk. He lost the one challenge he was most qualified to win.

Those who are truly good learn this early. They never allow over confidence to sneak in. They never let being good, make them bad.

If your good, great, just don’t forget it’s probably while you’ll be bad.