What’s Better Than an Awesome Forbes Review?

This week was an amazing week.  My book Not Taught was reviewed by Forbes. It was a savage review.  Here’s part of what they had to say;

On a sales and marketing level, Not Taught is an achievement. Although at times both patronizing and provoking, it buzzes with electricity. The dialogue is pure, unfiltered, adrenalized Keenan. It imbues the author’s many fervent dialogues with the narrative equivalent of a car chase.

Needless to say, I was pretty frickin’ excited. It’s Forbes and they loved my book, pretty good reasons to be excited, I’d say.

But, that review wasn’t the best part of my week.  It was a big part, I’m not gonna bullshit ya, but one other event topped my week.

It wasn’t a review by New York Times or The Wall Street Journal. It wasn’t a piece in the Harvard Business Review. The most exhilarating part of my week was a review by first-time blogger and unknown Jordan Barta.

Meet Jordan


Jordan doesn’t have a million Twitter followers. Shit, he doesn’t even have 1,000 yet. He’s not on the speaking circuit. He’s not on any influencer list. He’s never done a Ted Talk. He doesn’t have a podcast or a following on YouTube. Jordan is just like you and almost everyone else in the world and that is why his review made my day.

Jordan’s review of Not Taught was the first on his newly minted blog. A blog he chose to start after reading Not Taught. His decision to start blogging came straight out of Chapter 3, Create Content. With this single decision Jordan has chosen to separate himself from the crowd. He’s not going to be like everyone else. Post by post, day by day, week by week, he’s building his brand. He’s creating a discernable brand, that distinguishes him from all the other salespeople in the world, and that’s fucking awesome!

His first two posts have already begun to get readers and comments. People have started engaging with him. It’s instantly increased his reach.  He’s connecting with new people and increasing his exposure and brand. He’s leveraging the skills and tactics it takes to be successful in the 21st-century and they’re paying back already. That is why I’m more excited about Jordan’s review than I am about the Forbes review. I get to watch the book work in action.

I wrote Not Taught to help the Jordan’s of the world recognize the massive amount of opportunity the information age has ushered in. I wrote Not Taught to help people capitalize on these opportunities and to highlight how clinging to the old rules, the rules of our parents, and what we’ve been taught are stunting our growth and limiting opportunities.

To see someone embrace the tenants of Not Taught with such vigor and enthusiasm pumps me up. It get’s me all jazzed.  It’s frickin’ awesome!  It’s truly the best reward I could ask for.

The notes, the emails, and the social acknowledgments are starting to trickle in.  It’s only been a month and people, like Jordan, are starting to get it. They are making changes. They are beginning to adjust their approach to success. They’re creating content, they’re branding themselves, they are becoming change creators, they’re focusing on results and expertise, not experience and time. They are changing their lives and winning because of it.

Knowing that people are finding immediate success and improvement from Not Taught is what it’s all about for me.

Go check out Jordan’s blog. His goal for his blog rocks. I’m sharing it in his words, they’re perfectly succinct:

“My goal with this website is to turn books into Ah-Ha moments for sales people.”

How fucking cool is that?  Jordan CLEARLY gets this key element of the book:

“The key to succss is creating value. That’s it ya’ll. It’s that simple. The more value you bring to people and to companies the more sucessful you will be.” — Chapter 3 Not Taught

The goal of his blog does just that.

I’m thrilled about the Forbes review. It was huge. But, at the end of the day. It’s the Jordan’s of the world that matter. It’s the number of people who adopt the teachings of Not Taught and make massive changes in their life. Watching people reap the benefits of Not Taught is what means the most to me. That’s what creates game-changing weeks.

Go read Jordan’s blog. Bookmark it and follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn. He’s just started an epic journey, you don’t want to miss it.

I’m not going to.