What We Tell Ourselves

Our success starts with the stories we tell ourselves. Everyday we take actions. Everyday we respond to the demands of our job, our family, and our spouse. Everyday we make choices. These choices get us closer or further away from our goals. What we tell ourselves about our actions and choices matters. We can tell ourselves we have no culpability, it wasn’t our fault, we can’t do that, etc. but where does it get us?  What is the message we are sending to ourselves?

We can avoid telling ourselves we messed up. We can avoid saying, “I could have tried harder.” We can never admit it wasn’t our bosses fault. We can avoid acknowledging we are short on patience and have been hard on the kids. We can tell ourselves we haven’t made the cold calls we need to because we are too busy, and not because we don’t like doing it. We can avoid admitting we didn’t do the research we should have done, or that we spent the weekend playing rather than preparing for the biggest presentation of the year.

We can tell ourselves a lot of things. But what we should be telling ourselves is the truth.

We need to be honest with ourselves. The minute we are honest with ourselves, EVERYTHING else magically falls into place.

It doesn’t matter what we tell ourselves, as long as it’s the truth.  The worse lie, is the one we tell ourselves.