Understand My Problem and Show Me How To Fix It

The title of this post says it all, people.

That is the basis of selling.

I’m at a Sales Kick Off event and about to go on, when the vendor of this company talks about why she/they bought from this company and what they look for in salespeople.

Her money quote was simply, “Understand my problem and show me how to fix it.”

She’s right. Sales is about fixing problems. That’s why we buy.

I’m hungry, and can’t make a meal, don’t want to make a meal, don’t have the time to make a meal, so I buy dinner. I solved a problem.

I can’t track my expenses, so I buy an expense management software.

Salespeople spend too much time focused on their own stuff, their product, their pitch deck, their needs, etc.

The solution marks the middle to the end of the journey.  The journey starts with the problem, and until you understand that you’re not selling.

Be a problem finder.