The Art of Good Sales Questions

Can you see the difference between the two questions in this video?

Can you see how they will elicit entirely different responses from the buyer?

Can you see how based on the questions, and the answers, how one question sets the salesperson up for success and the other keeps them in the same place?

Most of you know how important I believe the discovery process is.  However, it’s not enough to ask questions, you have to ask the right questions. Even after the discovery, understanding exactly what it is you’re trying to get the buyer to disclose is critical to know what question to ask and how to ask it.

In this video I share how a rep almost lost a deal, because they ask the wrong question.

It appeared as if they were asking the right question, but upon reflection, they were taking the client down the wrong road.

Get good at asking the right questions. Know what it is you specifically want to understand, and what information you trying to collect.  It makes a world of difference.