The 3 Reactions to Change — Which Is Yours?


There are three reactions to change. That’s it.

You can fight it.

You can accept it.

You can create it.

You get to chose how you react to change and each reaction will get a different result. The key is to be deliberate.

Fighting change is silly. Why fight it. Change is inevitable. Fighting change comes from fear and operating from fear does us little good. Most of us fight change and that’s expensive.

Accepting change is the safest route. We’re not fighting it, yet we’re not creating it. It’s safe and we ARE part of the solution. We’re players in the new order. That’s good. Being able to see change coming, makes accepting it that much easier — look ahead.

Creating change is where the wins are. Change is innovation, creativity, exploration, introspection, discovery, and improvement. There can be NO GROWTH without change. Our value increases when we create change.

There are only 3 reactions to change. You have a choice. You can fight change, you can see it coming and accept it or you can create it.

Which do you do?

For me it’s a no brainer!