The Scarcity of You


Supply and demand, you get it. The lesser the supply, the greater the demand. So why are you playing in the high supply side?

Why do you look like everyone else, every other salesperson, every other marketing manager, every other sales VP, every other accountant, dog walker or software developer? Why?

Why do you insist on looking like, acting like, working like and doing your job like everyone else, yet get frustrated that you’re not considered for promotion more often, that it takes you months to find a new job, etc.

Why are you playing it safe?

Differentiation and value are as important to you and your brand as they are to every company, product or service.

Being different decreases supply. It creates “scarcity.”

Being one of a kind increases demand.

Demand = opportunity

Opportunity is the path to success.

Start making yourself scarce. Don’t look, act, work and engage like everyone else. Don’t be part of the heard.

What makes you scarce? Why can’t employers, friends, partners, prospects or customers get what you offer from just anyone else?

When you’re the only place people can get the results they want, you’re creating scarcity and that creates demand — demand for you.