Sunday Morning Blog – Townsend Wardlaw

I’ve decided to bring back an old series.  I’m bringing back the Sunday Morning Blog Series.

I started Sunday Morning Blog a few years ago in order to share some of the cool blogs I was reading. I liked doing the series.  I’m not sure why I stopped, so I’m going to start it up again.

Every Sunday I will share with this community a cool blog I think you will like. I’m sure the blogs will be heavily tilted towards sales and marketing, but you know me. If it’s cool I’ll share it.

Kicking the series off (again), I’m gonna point you to Townsend Wardlaw’s blog.  How cool is his name.  A lot of people have two first names, like Robbie Roberts, but how many people have two last names? Frickin’ cool, I say!

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 4.24.02 PM

Not only do I like Townsends blog, but I know Townsend personally and have been a fan of his for years.  I met Townsend about 10 years ago when he was consulting for a company where I had just started working. He knows his shit when it comes to sales, selling and sales leadership.

Townsend Wardlaw – Sales Transformation Architect is a must read for sales leaders and sales people. Townsend leverages his personal and consulting sales experiences to produce great posts. His writing style is easy and conversational. Weaving his experiences to bring you along for the ride, Townsend turns his readers into little Great Gazoo’s (remember that little invisible martian dude from the Flintstones?) sitting on his shoulder and makes them participants of the event. Townsend takes readers on great journeys.

Townsend blogs about sales, sales leadership, CRM,, and content marketing. Check him out. His blog is a great read and he’s a great guy.

You can also find Townsend on:

Twitter: @townsendwardlaw