Sunday Morning Blog – Addicted 2 Success

This blog is the shit. With the exception of it’s occasional references on how to make a shit load of money or post insinuating that money is a satisfactory measure of “success,” Addicted 2 Success is a kick-ass blog.

I found it a few weeks ago via my LinkedIn stream. Not sure how I’v missed it this long, but hey, better late than never.

Addicted 2 Success is a killer blog for inspiration, motivation, creativity, and ideation.  Yes, I said “ideation,” why not?

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What caught my attention was the blogs awesome posts, like the one I shared yesterday; The 10 Things Successful People do to Reach Their Dreams.

The blog does a killer job of sharing and defining success from multiple perspectives and views. It’s NOT a warm and fuzzy, Anthony Robbins, rah, rah, type blog, but rather a cross between a science project and an art class.  Addicted 2 Success breaks down the underpinnings to success through stories of the people that are successful, through studies or assessments and introspection.

These typical posts are what I mean:

The Success of Elan Musk

The Most Important Trait Every Entrepreneur Needs to Achieve Their Goals and Dreams

How and Why You Should Live a Life of Integrity

10 Reasons Your Alpha Personality will Bring You Success

5 Things Mentally Tough People Do

The number of posts that will suck you in and challenge your view of the world or inspire you to do more, better, is endless.  These are just a few.

Addicted 2 Success isn’t a panacea or a quick fix, but it sure is a bad ass way to get you out of a funk or keep you charging forward . . . you are charnging forward right?

Addicted 2 Success is some damn good Sunday morning reading. Enjoy!