Sunday Morning Reading – Allen Nance

To keep with yesterday’s theme and reiterate how much I enjoyed Allen Nance’s Keynote at B2B camp, I’m making his blog today’s Sunday Morning Reading.

Allen is a fantastically passionate speaker and CEO who combines that passion with impressive complex thinking skills. Allen brings to the table one of my favorite traits in a person, he looks at problems differently and dissects them from the angle others don’t see or chose not to. He doesn’t accept status quo and continually asks the question, why or why not?

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I just added Allen’s blog to my Feedly list. It’s a great blog for business owners, sales leaders and students of the game of business. He gives you things to think about. His writing style is conversational. It’s easy to read and you feel like your on a journey with Allen, not being spoke at or to.

Allen is an investor in SpringBot, he’s the CEO of Whatcounts and yet I only learned of him yesterday. In the spirit of no hoarding good finds and sharing the wealth, I’m bringing his kick-ass insight to this community. Allen’s worth following.

Happy Sunday Morning!

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