Sunday Morning Blog – The Middle Finger Project

First, I know it’s not Sunday morning.  I got a late start, today was the first pool day of the Colorado summer. My girls were jonesin’ to go to the pool. So I said fuck it.  I’ll blog tonight. All in all, I’m OK with the decision.  My OCD side is tingling a little though — K, maybe a lot.  Writing the Sunday Morning Blog post at 12: 26 on Monday morning is just tweaking me.  So, for any of you OCD readers, my apologies.

Alright, this weeks blog is the shit. I’m not sure how I have missed these girls, yes girls (OK, there is one dude), as long as I have.  The Middle Finger Project (TMFP) is an edgy, personality packed, PR, Branding, Marketing, Writing Company. Killing it with blog posts like: Why Your Writing Sucks, Warning: EVERYONE is a Threat to Your Business. Even Those You Trust Most, and Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Turning People Off, EVER!, this blog hit’s you right in the face with crazy good insights.


There’s nothing subtle or quiet about it.

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 12.28.01 AM

 What I love most about this blog is it challenges you. In no uncertain terms does it accept mediocrity, sameness, or fitting in. TMFP comes at you like a freight train, saying go big or go home, be different or quit, be real or don’t even try. TMFP gets an AMEN, can I get a witness and a praise be to god from me, cause they are preaching some good wholesome, disruptive business over there.

Boom! Way to go ladies.

Check em out people! You’re frickin’ crazy if you don’t.