Sunday Morning Blog: Sales Aerobics for Engineers

Who says technical people can’t sell?  Babette Ten Haken doesn’t believe it and she writes about it almost everyday. Sales Aerobics for Engineers is a great resource for anyone, not just engineers, who wants to understand the selling world better.  That being said, SAE certainly taps the left brain a bit more. Her posts are practical and filled with stats and facts.

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Sales Aerobics for Engineers is a practical blog tackling real world sales and business issues.  Post topics range from start-up sales challenges to prospecting for the new sales guy.  Babette’s writting style is direct and to the point, as you would expect from someone whose audience is technical. I like her style, it makes is easy to get her message and it’s to the point.

If you’re a sales engineer, a technical sales person, a technical start-up CEO or founder Babette has you covered. If you’re not a techie, no matter, SAE is filled with sales goodness that will make you better and it never hurts to see things from the engineers point of view.  They pretty much run the world as it is. 🙂

Go check out Babette’s blog and enjoy. It’s a great Sunday Morning Blog.



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