Sunday Morning Blog: Partners In Excellence

It’s been awhile since my last Sunday Morning Blog. I need to get better at this. However, if I don’t find a blog I like during the week, it’s fruitless to make one up. This week was easy as David Brock author of Partners in Excellence put out a good blog. His passion for sales is clear. He’s not afraid to take a contrarian view. He pushes conventional wisdom, while supporting the status-quo when it works. David’s blog is a easy to read, easy to digest and always give’s you something to think about.

He takes on more than just sales, tackling general business, marketing and leadership.

Here is a taster; It’s good stuff:

-Do you Trust Your People Enough to Let Them Succeed?

– The Pipeline Review – an Underused and Under-Appreciated Coaching Opportunity

– Does Your Customer Have a Need to Buy?

David is also a generous Twitterer, put good stuff out and he’ll retweet it. Check him out, it’s worth it.

Happy Sunday morning reading!