Sunday Morning Blog: Mark Susters, Both Sides of The Table

I haven’t done a Sunday Morning Blog in a while. So I was pumped to find Mark Susters blog.

Mark is a VC with GRP Partners and a former start-up CEO. Also in a crazy twist of 6 degrees of separation he is the investor in Burstly, a company started by an old friend of mine Evan Rifkin. Evan and I went on Semester at Sea 15 years ago.

What grabbed my attention on Mark’s blog was his post on sales people. Mark broke sales people down to 4 categories, Superstars, Mavericks, Journeyman, and Trouble. It is the best categorization I’ve ever seen. I love this 4 x 4 matrix too. Simple and sweet.

Both Sides of the Table is a full read. Mark gives you lots of information. He includes lots of editorial, which I like. Mark writes about V.C.’s, gives start-up advice, talks about social media and running small businesses. It’s good stuff.

I’ve added Both Sides of the Table to my Google reader, you should too.

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