Most Salespeople Aren’t Actually Selling When They’re Selling

Most sales people aren’t selling and they don’t know it.

Most sales people are order takers. They aren’t salespeople.

Most sales people react to the customer and the customer dictates the sale. The salesperson simply reacts to the buyer, wielding little influence over the sales or the direction the sale goes. Sometimes they get the sale, other times they don’t.

This reactive, customer driven approach to sales opportunity management ISN’T selling. Selling requires a sales person has influence.

In my most recent Forbes post, I talk about this phenomenon, why most sales people aren’t selling and how management┬ácan address this problem to improve revenue attainment and improve their team’s effectiveness.

It’s a problem too many sales organizations aren’t paying enough attention to.

You can read the entire post here: Why Most Sales People are Order Takers, Not Sellers