Respect is Non-Partisan

I think we all learned as kids to be respectful. Although I’m beginning to wonder if anyone cares anymore.

Yesterday the House of Representatives voted on a “resolution of disapproval” against Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) for yelling “You Lie” during Obama’s joint session speech. It was passed by 263 Dems and only 7 Reps. Only 7 Repubs found it to be inappropriate. I don’t care what your take on health care reform is. I refuse to believe over 170 republicans felt his outburst was OK.

art.joe.wilson.heckling.giOur belief systems are not justification for shitty behavior. I recall when George W. was president there was an outcry for what the Repubs called lack of support for the President during war time. It is amazing how quickly the worm turns. There was absolutely no excuse for his outburst. It was disrespectful, rude, unnecessary, AND against the rules. To vote against the resolution is putting party over decency and Repubs should be embarrassed. This isn’t about health-care reform, it’s not about Obama, it’s not about illegal immigration, it’s not about socialism. Simply put its about respect for the system, varying opinions and the rules. Somewhere along the line we have begun to lose site of that. More and more we justify our inappropriate behaviors as being OK, rather than take accountability for them. There is no justification here. It was just plain wrong. There is no excuse for bad behavior.

Respect is non-partisan.

When I was kid, if I were to yell out like that in the middle of class, I would have been sent to the principle. If I were to do that during a company function, I would be fired. I find it hard to believe that 170 republicans and 7 democrats see it different. Respect is a value you have or you don’t. It’s not conditional.

Don’t sell out your values for your beliefs. Your beliefs rely too heavily on them.