I’m Going To Learn How To Do A Mute Grab 360 #mysummerproject

I decided to spend my summer learning something I’ve never done before. Summers are great for this kind of thing. We seem to have a bit more time than the rest of the year. Summers are time boxed. For some reason, we look at summer different than all the other seasons. We’re obsessed with the beginning and the end of the summer season.

Therefore, I made the commitment to learn to do a Mute Grab 360. (Watch the video and see what a Mute Grab 360 is)

I’m excited about this. It’s gonna be fun, and hard.

I’m going to be working on this all summer at an indoor free ride park here in Colorado, and then I will Meerkat or Periscope my first on snow attempt, for the entire world to see.

I’ll be updating you on my progress all summer long.

So, what’s your summer project?

Find one and share it at hashtag #mysummerproject and let’s make this summer epic.