If You Want it, Go Get It

I’ve always been a Will Smith fan. His ability to move from an 80’s rapper, to a 90’s sitcom star, to mega movie star has always impressed me. After watching this it won’t seem so surprising anymore.

Will’s philosophy-

-Be willing to die for what you believe in
-Where you are is not where you have to be
-Become something greater
-There is no easy way
-Don’t set out to build a wall; lay one perfect brick everyday
-Make a difference; the world needs to be a better place because you were in it
-Represent an idea
-Create whatever you want to create
-Believe; there is no reason for a “plan b” it just gets in the way of “plan a”
-Don’t be a realist. Be unrealistic
-Make a choice; DECIDE!
-Focus, be obsessive
-Protect your dream
-Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do something
-You want something? Go get it, PERIOD!