I Had to Correct Zig Ziglar, I Just Couldn’t Help Myself -The 21st-Century Demanded It

Zig Zigler is the man, he’s earned my respect and everyone’s respect for his contributions to the sales world. But I just couldn’t help myself when it came to this quote.



Although a great quote, I think it’s a bit dated. We’re in the information age of the 21st-Century and fewer and fewer people care about how much you do. We care more about what you deliver.

During the industrial age, jobs were more do oriented. Show up, punch the clock, do your job, as expected, go home.  Delivery (with the exception of sales) was not a focus. Those days are gone.

I find this quote to be a bit more appropriate for today.

When you deliver more value than you're paid For,


I talk a lot about this in Chapter 10, Not Taught. In Chapter 10, Time vs Results break down the changes in the expectations of employees and companies. There is a little patience for just doing these days. Doing is a measurement of time. Delivery is the result of doing.

Today’s world demands we deliver. It cares less and less about your ability to do if the doing doesn’t deliver results.

If you want to get paid more, don’t do more, deliver more value than your paid for, that’s where the win is.

Sorry Zig, just felt it important to make your great insight fit for the 21st-Century.


What do you guys think, do or deliver?