How To Get Promoted In A Year

A few weeks ago I said the tell me economy is dead and I meant it. The ability to be successful today by telling people why you’re a bad ass is quickly being replaced by the show me economy.  People are less and less interested in what you tell them and are expecting you to show them what you know, what you can do and how it affects them.

This is truer when it comes to your career than ever before, and the people taking advantage of this right now are the ones winning.

One of those people who’s career has gone from zero to hero is Morgan Ingram, the host of the SDR Chronicles. Fourteen months ago, Morgan was starting his first job as an SDR of Terminus.  A month ago Morgan was promoted to and SDR manager.

What does Morgan credit with his meteoric rise?   His commitment to start the SDR Chronicles and show his work.

A few weeks ago I sat down with Morgan at the TOPO Summit and talked about what it takes to be successful today and what it took for him to go from zero to hero.