How to Deal With Difficult Customers and Prospects

This week’s show The Word was one of the best. It tackled a subject I think many sales people struggle with and that’s the difficult customer or climate. It can seem cliche, but it’s not. Customers and prospects need to work with sales people in order for a good sale to take place and when they won’t everything goes south.

This episode of The Word tackles this challenge with Anthony Iannarino and Tim Ohai.  Anthony and Tim are brilliant and hit this subject exactly how I had hoped, directly and with fire.

They hit on it all. When to tell a customer to beat it. Why difficult customers exist. (This part may surprise you. Anthony’s answer was the shit.) How sales managers and sales organizations put the sales people in positions to have to deal with difficult customers and prospects and more.

This episode of The Word was awesome and we had a blast. These guys rock.

If you haven’t seen the other episodes of the word, you can see them here; The Word: A Jolt of Sales 411 w/Keenan