What It Means to Have Hustle and Grind [Meet Angela Duckworth]

Hustle and grit are thrown around a lot in the sales world but what does it really mean?

I know personally, it’s a trait I look for when hiring sales people.  Sales requires a little extra tenacity and hustle than many other jobs. Salespeople are constantly being told NO!  We’re confronted with gatekeepers, non-believers, objections, competitors, and more. Getting a deal done can sometimes feel like an act of god and if it weren’t for amazing amounts of fortitude, “grit” and hustle, the deal wouldn’t have happened.

The truth is, grit is a real thing. Having the capability to go after something for a long sustained period of time, without quitting, is a distinguishable trait not everyone possesses equally.

To understand this more, I had the pleasure of having Angela Duckworth, Author of the best-selling book Grit on The Word last week. She didn’t disappoint. (Her story of meeting Will Smith after years of persistent is amazing.)



We hit a lot of topics, including how to become more gritty, why some people are more gritty than others, what “grit” means and more.

If you’re looking to get an edge and want to find out how gritty you are, watch this show. It was one of my favorite to date. It was a blast and Angela is a ball of energy.

Also, if you haven’t, check out Angela’s Grit Test and find out how gritty you really are. 😉