How To Sell And Win More Million Dollar Deals

If you sell enterprise wide, large, million dollar deals, you get how complex and difficult it can be. Even if you’ve been killing it for years, and are highly successful, you know that complex selling has changed considerably. Over the past few years, selling big deals, million dollar deals, has become increasingly harder than it’s ever been. Social media, the Internet, competition, and as CEB has discovered, more buyers in the buying process have made selling the big deal one giant complexity.

Let’s be real. Selling big deals is a bitch.

Yet, fear not my friends.  NY Times best-selling author Tim Sanders is gonna make it all better fo you. In episode 23 of The Word, I get to rap with Tim about his new book, DealStorming and what it takes to sell really big frickin’ deals.

DealStorming is not only the name of his book, but a new and highly effective way to win the big sale.  Tim’s used the approach to sell billions of deals His story about winning a huge Disney deal is priceless.

Today’s sales world demands new approaches and methods to winning require new, innovative approaches to win the sale and Tim delivers. Watch Episode 23 of The Word and bring your sales game to the next level.

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