How To Become a Change Creator with “Taught Leader” John Kotter

Change is inevitable, YET all of us, at varying points in our lives, fight it. As humans, we don’t like change very much. We resist it. We avoid it. Change, by definition, means different, and when things are different, we freak out.

But, without change, there is not growth. There is no innovation. There is no advancement.

In Not Taught, I identify three types of people when it comes to change.  The change resistor, the change acceptor, and the change creator. Depending on which one of these you are, your life will turn out very differently.

In understanding and accepting this ever-increasing rate of change in the information age, we’ve got only three responses to the change — resist it, accept it, or create it. Only the last sets you up for success.

Not Taught Chapter 4 – Change

Standing in the middle of the road to success is the challenge of learning to move from being a change resister or change acceptor to becoming a change creator.

Meet John Kotter:

John Kotter (1)


John Kotter is the godfather of change, particularly when it comes to creating change in organizations.  John has written the book on change, 19 to be exact. He’s written a book in every decade since the 70’s.  A professor emeritus at Harvard University. He’s a NY Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author.  John’s work in change has been evolutionary and revolutionary. His 8-Step Process for Leading Change is a MUST for organizational leaders.

John is the founder of Kotter International a management consulting firm that helps organizations and leaders transform. Put in my words, Kotter helps companies change to stay competitive.

In Chapter 4 I talk about how quickly the world is changing and the only way to keep up and to provide value is deliver on the rate of change. Companies are desperate for people who can create change and help implement that change. John Kotter is THE guy that can help you become a change creator, whether that’s helping you become a change creator or helping your company become a change creation machine.

John Kotter is the guy that will get you to LOVE change, not fear it.

John’s books, research, and information are must have consumables.  There is so much to choose from; you’ll have to choose wisely based on your goals.

Johns Books:

Our Iceberg Is Melting


Leading Change 

The Heart of Change 

And a whole bunch more. 

John’s Social Presence:


LinkedIn (Kotter International)



John’s Videos (there are some good ones in here)


John’s Website

Kotter International

Change is inevitable. It’s gonna happen, whether you like it or not. It’s the rate of change, the type of change and the impact of the change we can control. So why not take control and lead the change? When we become change creators, we are living our lives, not accepting our lives.

Dig into John’s work.  Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and watch his videos. Read his books and become an expert in creating change for both YOU and your company.  It’s what the 21st-century is expecting from you!! Not Taught Book w. Brogan Review


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