Boom! It’s here — A Sales Guy Recruiting.



Hey all, I wanted to share with this community some exciting news.  A Sales Guy Inc. is expanding. We’ve now added a recruiting division to the A Sales Guy Brand — A Sales Guy Recruiting.

A Sales Guy Inc is a “sales company.” We are knee deep in selling, sales leadership, sales process, and sales engagement. The A Sales Guy Blog, and A Sales Guy Consulting have been engaging and participating in the on and offline world of sales for years. We love it.

With this, we saw an opportunity to help our existing clients as well as other companies identify and hire winning talent. To us, it’s not about finding candidates, anyone can find sales people. It’s about identifying talent and identifying killer talent isn’t easy, it’s an entirely different story and we’re good at it. Being a sales company with a sales DNA, it just made sense for us to start helping companies identify and hire “A” player sales people.

I’m very excited about this new endeavor. It’s going to be awesome.

I want to thank this community for all of it’s support over the years. It’s been your engagement, sharing, comments, and participation that has elevated the A Sales Guy Brand to what it is today. This community has been at the heart of A Sales Guy and I deeply appreciate it.

Here is to all of us killing it in the New Year!

A Sales Guy Recruiting is hanging out at all the usual places:

Twitter: @asgrecruiting


A Sales Guy Recruiting Blog:

Feel free to follow us, friend us and read us. It’s more of the A Sales Guy challenging straight talk you’ve come to love. Now, it’s around employment, hiring, and recruitment.