Artisan or Worker

A long time ago, artisans ruled the economic landscape. They were revered for their craftsmanship.  Artisans had a distinct journey to becoming accepted in their field.  They started as apprentices, then moved to journeyman and finally masters.  To become a master, artisans had to show a “master” command of their craft.  They had to be the best of the best.

Artisans didn’t embrace mass production. They didn’t do things just like everyone else.  Artisans were craftsman.  They differentiated themselves by being better than other artisans. To differentiate, Artisans created their own style.  They pioneered new and different approaches. They personalized their craft. Artisan’s used their unique style and approach to elevate them from their competition and establish their brand. Their work defined them and to this day artisans can be identified simply by looking at their work.

Today we have workers. Workers don’t have a craft.  They have a job. Workers don’t have a journey to become a master. Workers don’t master anything. Workers just do. Workers meet the “minimal expected deliverable” or MED.   Workers focus on the work. They focus on the job, not the result. Workers measure themselves in how long they’ve worked or in how hard they worked, not in what they delivered.  Workers differentiate themselves by working harder, not better.  Workers show up, punch a clock, put in the time and deliver exactly what is asked of them.

The world is filled with workers.  It’s easy being a worker. Counting hours doesn’t require creativity. It doesn’t require extensive knowledge. Counting hours just requires you show up.

The world needs artisans. It’s not easy being an artisan. Artisans expand their craft. Artisans have extensive knowledge of their craft, the industry and the people and companies they affect. Artisans don’t count hours. They measure impact. They focus on detail. Artisans don’t just show up, they create.

Are you an artisan or a worker?  It’s easy to know, just not so easy to admit.  Be and artisan, it’s the better choice.

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