Application Me

Two weeks ago Avaya announced it’s new enterprise communications solution, Aura. There has been a great deal of buzz since the announcement. Avaya’s Aura is a revolutionary way to deliver enterprise communications. Simply put, Aura makes it easier to manage an enterprises network, it reduces the cost of managing networks and makes it easier to deliver applications to any user, anywhere. Aura does this by decoupling or unbundling the applications layer from the network layer. The trend of unbundling has been growing for a while, music and the CD, Kindle and Books, Skype and copper wires. It was only a matter of time before it came to enterprise communications.


What makes Aura truly unique is its impact on how enterprises deliver applications. Avaya now provides companies the ability to roll out applications based their users needs, one user at a time. Until now, companies delivered applications in bulk, by switch, by geography. It was impossible to give 10 people in the office one application and another 10 people at another office the same application with out making it available to everyone. This all or nothing world made it too expensive to deliver applications based on users preference. Avaya Aura changes this.

Aura brings “Application Me” to the enterprise. Application Me is the ubiquitous availability of applications based on a users preference, work flow and personality. Like the I-Phone Aura will allow companies to offer and deliver applications users want. Employees will be able to chose for themselves the communication applications that best work for them. They will no longer be bound to a corporate profile predetermining what applications they can have and which they can’t.

Today’s generation is growing up in an Application Me world. They pick and choose for themselves how they will communicate. They have unlimited choices and their choices define their identity. The next generation of employees will demand access to all applications. They will build their personal profile and define their corporate identity through the applications they choose. The environment of Application Me will create new and unintended uses of the applications. It will drive greater productivity, greater use of information and increase use of corporate knowledge.

Companies have traditionally controlled information. However this is beginning to change. They are moving from retaining and controlling to sharing and communicating information.

Aura enables enterprise to deliver any application to any user. Aura enables the enterprise to quickly develop and launch applications. Aura reduces the cost of developing and deliver applications through out the enterprise Aura enables Application Me and that is a BIG DEAL!