Personal and Informal

If personal and informal communication is the best way to get through to people, why do we continually send out formal, impersonal messages?

Why do companies still send out stiff, formal PR messages? Why do they still rely on a formal, sanitized messages sent via email?

We don’t respond to informal, impersonal messages. People want to feel talked with, not to. People want to engage. They want to be apart of the conversation, not on the sidelines.

The tools exist.

Social media makes it easier for companies to create and engage in personal, informal conversations. Enterprise 2.0 makes it easy for the CEO to have personal conversations with the entire company. It’s now easier to create messages that resonate.

The goal shouldn’t be to communicate. The goal is to create action. Action only happens when the messages have impact and stick. Formal, impersonal messages don’t have impact and don’t stick.

Why do we still communicate formally? Why are messages still impersonal?

If you want to get your message across, make it personal, and relax. They will hear you.

How does your organization communicate?