A Sales Newbies Death

There is a very good discussion going on in the Sales/Marketing V.P.’s group on Linkedin.  The question was posed over a week ago and the answers keep flying in. Pat asked:

One of my biggest challenges is hiring strong sales people. I would estimate we probably get it right on in every three candidates. How do you find good reps? What is your process for finding reps?

There have been 129 answers so far. Some are good, some are redundant, and some are just answers. However, it’s definitely a good thread to follow. Check it out. 

This part of a response by Jim jumped out at me and I thought it was great. I wanted to share it with this community.

It is unreasonable to start a newbie off by tossing them into a whirlpool, drown them in information like water from a fire hose, take a laisse faire attitude towards their work habits and then crush them with accountability after 90 days of non-performance.

I’ve seen this happen more times than I could shake a stick out. Newbies, “A” players or “B” players, all have to be given a chance to make it and it’s managements job to do that.

Management has as much responsibility to make sales people successful as the sales people have in making themselves successful.

Don’t toss newbies into the a whilpool! They’re gonna drown

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