A Must Have for Job Seekers

If you are looking for a job, you need one of these. I created this back in 2002. I had already been given the, “thank you, but no thank you,” call. I figured, I had nothing to lose. So, I created this and sent it to the hiring manager.

I got a call back and made it to the finals. It was me and one other guy. I didn’t get the job. But it got me another job at the exact same time.

I learned a few things from this:

1) Employers want to know you understand their business (Objectives)

2) They want to understand you have a vision and see opportunity for improvement. They want to know that by hiring you, their world will improve. (Opportunities)

3) Employers want to know “HOW” you do what you do and how you will go about getting things done (Approach & Execution)

4) They want to understand how you think and who you are. (Philosophy & Personal Description)

5) Employers want you to make it easy for them.

Presentations like this do that. It’s not a resume telling folks what you did, but a vision into what you’ll do. And at the end of the day, that is exactly what employers want to know.

If you would like a copy leave your info in comments and I will send you one.