What It Means to Have Hustle and Grind [Meet Angela Duckworth]

Hustle and grit are thrown around a lot in the sales world but what does it really mean? I know personally, it’s a trait I look for when hiring sales people.  Sales requires a little extra tenacity and hustle than many other jobs. Salespeople are constantly being told NO!  We’re confronted with gatekeepers, non-believers, objections, competitors, and more. Getting a deal done can sometimes feel like an act of god and if it weren’t for

Angela Duckworth Author of the Best Selling Book GRIT, LIVE Today at 1:00 EST

Author of grit, Ted speaker, and University of Pennsylvania Professor Angela Duckworth is going will be live on The Word today, via blab. If you want to understand the psychology to success and what truly separates the successful from the unsuccessful, you don’t want to miss this. Register here:  We’ll be talking live questions, it’s your chance to meet Angela and learn how you can get to the next level.  

How To Sell And Win More Million Dollar Deals

If you sell enterprise wide, large, million dollar deals, you get how complex and difficult it can be. Even if you’ve been killing it for years, and are highly successful, you know that complex selling has changed considerably. Over the past few years, selling big deals, million dollar deals, has become increasingly harder than it’s ever been. Social media, the Internet, competition, and as CEB has discovered, more buyers in the buying process have made

Why You Aren’t As Good As You Think You Are!

I have some bad news for you, you are probably not as good as you think you are.  I know, it’s not something you want to hear, but you can’t argue research. According to research by David Dunning too many of us suffer from incompetence, but also, and more disappointingly, we don’t have the capacity to know we’re incompetent. In other words, in many areas of our lives, we suck and don’t know we suck.

Breaking Down The Challenger Customer

Do you remember the book the Challenger Sale? The book that got everyone fired up because they said relationships wasn’t the most important skill in selling?  Well, the boys are at it again and I got to interview them. The authors of the Challenger Sale just launched the Challenger Customer and it’s already a Wall Street Journal bestseller (#2). Like the Challenger Sale, The Challenger Customer is based on reams of data that suggest the

The State of Selling Today

We’re preparing for The Word, Episode 16. It’s going to be one of our best yet. As part of the preparation, we wanted to get some insight into the state of sales today.  So what did we do? We created a simple survey to find out. It takes 2 minutes and we’ll be sharing the results on the show October 8th. Click on the coffee cup and let us know what type of salesperson you

Foundry Group’s Seth Levine Talks Sales for Startups

Seth Levine, Managing Director at Foundry Group is our next guest on The Word. Seth is a friend and a super smart guy. I’m excited to have him on the show. If you didn’t know. Foundry Group is one of the best VC Firms in the business, true badasses. Run by Brad Feld, Seth Levine, Ryan McIntyre and Jason Mendelson. The Foundry Group Portfolio includes companies such as Return Path, SendGrid and the new hot email