Know if You’re Going To Make Quota Before The Quarter Starts

    It’s the first week of April and the first week of Q2.  Most of us have put Q1 behind us, good or bad and we’re squarely focused on making our number for Q2.   We’re building our plans; we’re making our calls, we’re busy little beavers, determined and destined to make up for lost ground, or get closer to President’s Club or maintain our good steady pace. It’s what we do as salespeople.

I don’t give a Shit About Sales Status!

Status is the lame update salespeople share… I don’t give a rat’s ass about a sales opportunities status in the pipeline and as a sales manager neither should you. What is “status?”  Status is the lame update sales people share during the weekly pipeline meeting.  It’s the pathetic review we sales managers accept from sales people  when we don’t have a strong cadence and pipeline review process in place.  They go like this: Sales Manager

What vs. How

“WHAT” is the end goal; it’s directional!  “HOW” is the journey…” The difference between good and great sales leaders is in their ability to get things done. They not only know “what” to do but also “how” they are going to do it. How is where the win is. Check out this video and see what the truly best sales leaders do to win. Do you know the difference between WHAT and HOW? You should, because

Why Quota Is A Shitty Goal For Sales People

I can’t tell you how many sales people have the same shitty goal. With out fail, when I ask sales people what their goal  for the year is, almost all say the same thing. Their goal is almost inevitably “quota.” It’s amazing I haven’t been fired from a client yet, because every time I hear this, I blow a gasket. Quota as an individual goal is a cop out. It’s living in the cheap seats

Can Sales People Still be Counted on to Win Deals Alone?

Ten years ago, I built a sales organization that leveraged, what I was calling at the time, pursuit selling teams to drive revenue. The idea was, our product, the clients needs and the environment were sufficiently complicated enough that it required different folks from different parts of our organization to maximize our chances of closing the deal. We knew it would be much harder to win sending the sales person out there by themselves. Our

Do You Know What it Really Takes to Reach Quota?

What is the true secret to killing quota? It’s not goal setting, it’s not more calls, or a better product. It’s not good coaching or hiring the best sales team.  While all these things are at the core, and without a doubt critical. The most valuable part of success and crushing quota is in the monitoring. Ideas, strategies, regulations, goals, objectives are all fine and dandy, but in the end they are useless without the