What vs. How

“WHAT” is the end goal; it’s directional!  “HOW” is the journey…”

The difference between good and great sales leaders is in their ability to get things done. They not only know “what” to do but also “how” they are going to do it. How is where the win is.

Check out this video and see what the truly best sales leaders do to win.

Do you know the difference between WHAT and HOW?

You should, because it’s the difference between good and great sales leaders.  Good sales leaders know WHAT they have to do; GREAT sales leaders know HOW they are going to do it.

 “What” is the end goal, it’s directional!  “How” is the journey, it’s the specifics on getting to the end goal.

 As a sales leader, there is nothing more important than understanding HOW you are going to get it done.

“How” are you going to make your number?

“How” are you going to get 15 new LOGO’s?

“How” are you going to find 3 new A Players?

“How” are you going to grow the Channel by 25%?

 Answering these questions is a LOT harder than knowing your supposed to do them.  I know!

You need to: make your number, get 15 new logos, find 3 new A Players and grow the channel by 25%

 I know you know you have to do these things, but they are the WHAT – do you know HOW you are going to do it?  You need to know because that’s part of being a great sales leader.

Know HOW.