Would You Like to Bump?

bumpThere is a cool I-Phone App called Bump. It allows you to swap I-Phone contact information by bumping fists. I like apps like this. They are simple, fun, and useful. No more calling to exchange numbers. I hate doing that, because 50% of the time I inevitably forget to save it. No more having to type in all the persons info. Just bump firsts baby! The only downside is Bump, like many other cool things today, requires some level of network effect to be really useful. If you’re the only when with the app, it’s kinda hard to bump yourself and I don’t recommend it. Let’s change that. Go get Bump and load it on your I-Phone. When we meet, we can just Bump and move on.

Do you already Bump? Do you like Bumping? Who have you Bumped lately?

My last Bump Eric from GNIP. He was a great Bumper.