WITCE: If You Don’t Know What It Is, You Need To.

I spent the last few days in Disney World with the family. It was a great time. I hadn’t been there in over 30 years. I was as excited as my girls.

It didn’t take long for me to understand why Disney World was here 30 years ago, still is today and will be in 30 more years. Disney is all about the experience. From the second you walk through the gates, the experience takes over. Disney wraps you in a blanket of make believe, celebration and excitement and doesn’t let go until you leave. allmcarpwp

Disney attacks from all angles. You walk through the gates and get to ride a monorail or Ferry to get to the Magic Kingdom. Off the ferry (or monorail) and through the bag checkers (yes terrorism has effected even the land of make believe) and you are instantly greeted by giant, life size stuffed animals. With in our first hour we witnessed a parade, a show featuring Mickey Mouse, and his entire gang and fireworks. Nothing was overlooked, even the littlest of details were used to improve the experience. While waiting in line for Aladdin’s Magic Carpet ride I couldn’t help but notice the jewels, and coins embedded in the concrete under our feet. It was brilliant, except for the fact my 3 year old kept holding up the line desperate to pry a ruby and gold coin from the pavement.

Disney wins because they know what they do, they do it well, AND they make it an experience for their customers. It’s the experience part that I think makes the biggest difference.

Apple has figured this out too. From their retail stores and the genius bar to the I-Phone and the app store, Apple provides its customers an experience, an experience that leaves them feeling good and connected to their products.

I don’t think enough businesses do this. Creating an experience creates loyalty, it creates fans, it creates communities.

To create an experience business you have to engage your customers and prospects. You have to envelope them in your products. If your a telecom company why not create a way to give your client executives betas of your coolest and nearest next generation applications for free. Build a play environment and make it as painless as possible to manage.

Every business has the ability to create a customer experience. It doesn’t matter what you sell. Adding customer experience to your business is about creativity, innovation, and a commitment to looking differently at how you engage your customer. This starts with WITCE!


The CIO of T-Mobile taught me this. WITCE is always asking;
“What Is The Customer Experience”. Start with WITCE and the rest will come.