Will Twitter Cost You Your Customers?

Twitter can get you business, be a lead generator, and build relationships.
You just have to know how to use it. Using new tools, with old mentalities, doesn’t work.

I watched this beautiful example of Twitter sales brilliance unfold today.

Syd an exec. at a PR firm was a little frustrated with her pushy sales guy. Frustrated, she asks Twitter land how to deal with her pushy Rep. In her twit below.

Two minutes later . . . in comes the competition.


I don’t know who the sales guy was, but what a classic move.

Twitter captures the invisible. It captures our stream of conscience. Sales is all about understanding what people think, their perceptions and their needs. Formal environments don’t always give stream of conscience. Twitter can.

Twitter can be a real sales tool. It can generate leads. It can prospect. It can provide reconnoisscance. It can even help you take out your competition, if you know how to use it.

Think differently, free enterprise is a bear; you better do it or someone else will. Someone like this sales guy.