Why I Like Social Media

It occurred to me the other day why I like social media.  I like social media because of the people.  There is no other platform in our history that allows us to be so in tune with the emotions, thoughts, and experiences of people.  I find this to be cool as shit.

Follow my Twitter stream in a day and you’ll see people tweeting with excitement as they are getting ready to take a vacation, usually to Vail.  You’ll see the disappointment of a vacation coming to an end.  Last week my Twitter stream announced a marriage proposal and acceptance. I follow both people.   You’ll see people rail against Obama and the “liberals” 24-7.  I swear these people need to find another hobby.  You’ll see people rail against the GOP all day long too.  Yes, these libs need to find another hobby too. They are both very angry and you can feel it.  You’ll see people celebrating their team winning or sad their team lost.  You’ll see people, complete strangers, sharing pictures of their life.  My Twitter stream is a constant and full stream of humanity.  I love it!

On Facebook, I’ve watched friends I haven’t seen in 10 years have babies. I’ve been part of first birthdays.  I see the silly things kids do that make parents smile.  I read cute posts about fun vacations. I watch kids go off to college.  I see the stupid things they do at college.  Oh, to be back in college. On Facebook I get to participate in the lives of people who are no longer in my day to day life, but do have a place in my heart and my memories.

With LinkedIn I get to congratulate friends who get promotions and feel the excitment in their status updates.  Unfortunatley, I also sense the desperation as people whom I barely know or haven’t talked to in years reach out in hopes of ending their job search.   I read about job changes.  I debate the merits of business practices.  I learn from others experiences in the groups.

Social media is people.   Yes it can be mundane.  Yes it can be mean. Yes it can be trivial.  Yes it can be vindictive.  Yes it can be petty.  But it can also be fun.  It can be loving.  It can make you smile.  It can help others.  It can save nations. It can bring joy.  It can build fortunes.  It can find someone a  job.  It can find someone a spouse.  It connects people who NEVER would have connected before.  It opens us up.  It tells our story, the story of humanity, in the truest of ways.

Far too often I hear people say, social media is stupid.  Who cares what someone had for breakfast.  I think their missing the point.  The point is not what people say as much as it’s that “PEOPLE” are saying it.


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